"Because seeing and sketching are so interdependant, it is difficult to learn to see before beginning to sketch, and vice versa. Drawing is the key to effective seeing, and seeing is the key to effective drawing."- Paul Laseau from FREEHAND SKETCHING

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November 29, 2009

Paseo Colorado-Pasadena, California

Windmill-pen and ink,watercolor wash

Vintage Township East Commons and Town Hall-Lubbock, Texas

Tree-pen and ink w/watercolor wash

Mare and Foal-pencil and marker-1990

Old farmhouse, west of Rich Lake, Terry Co., TX-Fine sharpie and pencil on yellow tracing paper

Outdoor Fireplace @ The Gaylord Texan, Richardson, Texas

Bessire Residence

Bartee Residence-felt tip and prismacolor pencil

Bushplane sunset

Harvey House-Slaton, Texas

Childhood home...Terry County, Texas

Exercises from "The Sketch in Color" by Robert S. Oliver-Sharpie and marker

Stuff on the drawing board...

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia fish house

My take on a barn from "Freehand Sketching" by Paul Laseau...great book!

View from my backyard

My sketch pen...Namiki Falcon from Classic Fountain Pens...www.nibs.com

All Saints Church- Pasadena, CA