"Because seeing and sketching are so interdependant, it is difficult to learn to see before beginning to sketch, and vice versa. Drawing is the key to effective seeing, and seeing is the key to effective drawing."- Paul Laseau from FREEHAND SKETCHING

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May 27, 2010

May 15, 2010

Prelim sketches for Vintage Township Phase III, Lubbock, Texas

Garden Court

Salisbury Blvd. Park

Bungalow Court
While my landscape design work will eventually end up in Autocad, they never start there.  My landscape  designs always begin with multiple layers of tracing paper, pencil, pen, marker and colored pencil! 

I love this quote from James Richards,ASLA(Landscape Architect and Owner of Townscape) http://www.townscape.com/
"Digital drafting and illustration programs don’t replace the need for drawing. What they do is free
drawing from cumbersome mechanical processes and laborious illustrative techniques and allow drawing to do what it does best: to be an immediate and direct connection between the mind’s eye of the designer and his client/audience, while capturing the exuberance of this exciting part of the creative process. Why draw? Not necessarily to become great illustrators but, to unlock creative ideas through reconnecting mind, eye, and hand."  (From an article in Landscape Architecture Magazine entitled "Freehand Rennaissance")