"Because seeing and sketching are so interdependant, it is difficult to learn to see before beginning to sketch, and vice versa. Drawing is the key to effective seeing, and seeing is the key to effective drawing."- Paul Laseau from FREEHAND SKETCHING

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August 4, 2013

Rich Lake Homestead value and composition sketch

This is a quick sketch used to explore the composition and the range of values for the painting.  
6B pencil on 8 1/2x11" copier paper

January 18, 2013

Glass White River Ranch Headquarters

Glass Ranch HQ- ©2013 Tim Oliver

Glass White River Ranch-Step by Step

I'm having fun taking a more methodical approach to my watercolor attempts.  Photographing the process has helped me to slow down and accomplish the work step by step.  It's been great fun for me...hope you enjoy!

The subject is the headquarters ranch house at the Glass Ranch in Crosby County, Texas.  I've been spending a lot of time out there on a landscape design and installation project.  The watercolor was painted in the studio from a photograph.

I constructed the sketch in pencil from direct observation of the photo.  In this case I did not do a value sketch since I was working from the picture.  The values were rather simple and readily apparent in the photo.  The fence in the foreground was added...it wasn't in the real scene.

I began by painting the foreground wash adding some darker values wet-in-wet to allow them to bleed.  Indian Yellow with Payne's Gray and Burnt Umber.

Washing in the sky...Ultramarine, Cobalt, Payne's Gray and Winsor Violet.

Deepening the foreground values...

Laying in the base color of the tree canopies..Indian Yellow

Adding darks in windows and red background barn

Beginning to concentrate on the house a little....

Tree trunks...

 Working on the trees..

Detail landscape work around the house...

Foreground fence...

Finishing touches...barbed wire, grass, a little atmospheric spatter, deeper shadows....

Signed and done....